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Arki Cluster Technology

  Arki Cluster was founded in 2011 with a vision of “Humancentric Hyperconnected World”. We want to complement our partners’ business knowledge with our expertise to realize the full potential of “Internet of Things.”

Test & Measurement

  For years, we’ve noticed that the demand for end-product test solution is increasing. In 2014, by request, we started to develop CWT (Comprehensive Wireless Tester) in collaboration with one of our Japanese automobile electronics customers. CWT has been used for validating product performance at R&D stage and also plays an important role in quality assurance on the production line.

  We keep improving CWT to keep pace with customers’ demands. CWT now offers functionalities for WLAN, Bluetooth, and Audio, including connectivity, RSSI, Sensitivity, Data Throughput, SNR(audio), functions test for different BT profiles, etc.



NEW CWT WIFI/BT and Audio testing solution


3D space Ranging
“Automation Tracking” in stage lighting system
“Using audio S/N testing to determine DUT RF sensitivity in signaling mode” for Bluetooth audio devices final assembly production testing


Ad-hoc Mesh Network Positioning algorithm
Voltage/Current measurement Function
Loop-through data throughput testing


Signaling Wireless LAN Tester – CWT
Signaling Bluetooth Tester – CWT
Audio analyzer testing function - CWT


SIP protocol for VoIP system


Smart security/home-automatic gateway project
IOT devices with light/plug/sensor/speaker control application projects
Multi-function and deformation of capacity sensor application project


Seamless Smart Phone information exchange application project
TSC(Self+Mutual) algorithm & MCU framework design project


TSC(Self) algorithm & MCU framework design project
TSC(Self) Combinational Large sensor plane design project
Touch table/wall application project Past Project
Image Inspection system design project
OFDM demodulation algorithm design project
DTV multi-standard signal generation design project
RDS signal analyzer design project
DTV multi-standard signal analyzer design project