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70MHz ~ 6GHz
Datalink Solution

Sea-Air-Ground DATALINK

Arki Cluster TRM6000 - tunable Transceiver Module can communicate securely over narrowband and wide band RF modulation. It provides state-of-the-art Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) Communication solutions for various condition and distances according to costumer needs. 


TRM6000 provide a wide frequency range, 70 - 6000MHz ,and 200KHz to 50MHz Channel bandwidth improved communication range and spectrum utilization. With the adaptive modulation technique automatically uses feedback information obtained from the system itself to modify dynamically RF parameters to improve system performance.The radio can flexibly the best performing modulation considering the conditions and the mission. The flexible RF configuration options can support hundred of devices in one network.


TRM6000 provide a wide frequency range, 70 - 6000MHz ,and 200KHz to 50MHz Channel bandwidth improved communication range and spectrum utilization.

Compact design

A credit card size module
53mm x 51mm x 9mm

Tunable Frequency

Frequency 70MHz ~ 6GHz
Bandwith 200KHz ~ 50MHz

Data rate

Up to 50Mbps


< 4ms @1500Byte/s and 30MHz Channel BW


Long Range

Short to Long range (100 km) customization 

Adaptive Modulation 

Adaptive modulation technique
Quadrature amtude modulation


FDD - Frequency Division Duplexing mode 

Proprietary Modulation

Different frequency and modulation provides security

Customization Transmission security - TRANSEC
TRM6000 incorporate advanced digital transmission techniques for the high security and low latency. TRM6000 is tailored operating in a network that provides a full duplex service and uses either a single radio frequency or a discrete set of radio frequencies when in a frequency hopping mode with each client’s or mission individual requirements.



Unmanned Airborne Vehicle (UAV)

Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV)

Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV)

Loitering munitions

Flexible Integration of Applications

Tactical IP network

Command Control Communications 

Battle Management System 

Blue force tracking

Datalink Module

TRM6000 Mission Critical Datalink Solution 

Unmanned vehicle Datalink
The unmanned vehicle datalink solutions for UAV, UGV ,USV, and loitering munitions .The module can be used with many types of platforms, in low to high altitudes and under multiple operational conditions.The system provide link control , telemetry, data and video transfer.


Tactical Wireless IP Network

TRM6000IP Wireless Ethernet Module

Tactical Wireless IP network
TRM6000IP wireless ethernet module can be the tactical wireless IP network system for wireless Command, Control & Communications.The module can build the high data rate wireless IP networks to support command and control data transmission during the operations. It compatible with existing infrastructure, both cable and wireless.


Customized RF communication link
TRM6000 can be customized modulation scheme for soldiers ,vehicles and unmanned vehicle. Flexibility to use different frequency bands and modulation scheme provides security, ease of use and mission requirements. Like Battle Management System or Blue force tracking.



Datalink Module - TRM6000 Mission Critical Datalink Solution 
Tactical Wireless IP network - TRM6000IP Wireless Ethernet Module

Frequency band70-6000 MHz70-6000 MHz
Selectable Channel bandwidth200KHz to 50MHz200KHz to 50MHz
Data RatesUp to 50MbpsUp to 50Mbps
Transmission securityCustomizationCustomization
Latency< 4ms @1500 Byte / 30MHz BW
(<1ms Ultra Low latency by customization)
< 4ms @1500 Byte / 30MHz BW
Adaptive ModulationQPSK , 16QAM, 64QAMQPSK , 16QAM, 64QAM
Transmission ModesFull Duplex FDDFull Duplex FDD
TX Power5dBm
(Customization Amplifier for long range application)
(Customization Amlifier for long range application)
Dimensions~ 5.1 cm x 5.3cm x 0.9cm~ 10 cm x 6.4cm x 1.5cm
Weight~ 60g~ 110g